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Book 1 – Orchard Days of Yesteryear

Orchard Days of Yesteryear follows Bayswater’s history from when it was just a small humble orchard growing town into the busy metropolitan suburb it is today. Many of the families mentioned in my books lived or lived in or near Bayswater and I was able to personally do many of the interviews. It soon became obvious how eager current residents and former residents were for history stories, particularly stories about people. Like many rural towns of today, Bayswater was a small community and most residents either belonged to cricket, football, (no scouts or guides until much later), basketball (girls), tennis, dancing classes, fire brigade, state school, etc.. The Gloria Glove factory (Station Street) story will also bring back many memories to those people who worked there in the 1948/50s.


Book 2 – The Fruits of Bayswater/Wantirna

The Fruits of Bayswater/Wantirna follows the same pattern featuring personal stories. I have used photographs belonging to the Knox Historical Society, Ferntree Gully in both of my books and I am grateful for their use. Unlike now, not many of us used cameras and there is a shortage of photos of towns and people from years before. People seeking stories on Wantirna will find this book of interest.