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Stories from my books…….

Readers will recall the times when Bayswate..

The Bayswater State School had classes from Grade One until Grade Eight. Students would leave once they reached 14 years of age. Some students stayed on until Grade Eight but if choosing to leave after Grade Six, further education was mostly received by attending Box Hill Girls’ or Box Hill Boys’ Secondary Schools. Box Hill Boys’ High School was another avenue for further studies.

Sport played a huge part in the young peoples’ lives with cricket, football and tennis being popular.
Students from the State School were given the chance to learn how to wrap and pack apples and this was done at the Wantirna Cool Stores, corner Mountain Highway and Boronia Road, Wantirna. We would ride our bikes from school to the Coolstores. 

Many stories feature the Dandenong Creek – a favourite haunt of many. There was plenty of freedom and boys being boys, plenty of pranks. Everyone’s versions of events can differ. This makes your story interesting as it may be diverse from some other persons recollections. When reading a story you may choose to disagree and this is when we need to record your memories. Dances held at the Bayswater Progress Hall are also recalled in many of the stories and Saturday afternoon/night Pictures in the same Hall brought back many fun occasions as well to remember.


Some of the stories featured in my books include:

Families of Jennings, Malmborg, Walker, Piergrosse, Jeary, Thorne, Barry, Falconer,

Poynter, Need, Dodd, Pearson, Smart, Cullis, Collins, Short, Wright, Bowen, Newby, Sawatzky,
Brown, Holly, Kennedy, Bird, Marsland, Dyck, Benoit, Switzer, Best, Newell, Dunstan, Kleinert, 
Yates, Birtchnell, Fiedler, Jones, Lehman, Byers, Yates, Rumsey, Appleby, Pegler, Spicer,
Miss Vera South, Bird, Busch, Chugg, Connelly, Huckle, Isaac, Mortiboy, Nichols, Ramage, 
Spargo, Sloan, Richardson, Rowell, Saddington, Rumsey, Robinson,, Umbehaun, 
Zvikevitch, Wattie, Lambourne, Joseph, Ellis, Boch, Moulynox, Bull, Reid, Cavill, Newman,
King, Hughes, Griffith, Granowski, Goodace, Peck, Doyle, Coggrave, Douglas, Penn, Feyen,
McLeish, McIntosh, Mitchell, Spalding, Thorn, Tomkins, Truswell, Garrett, Rosewarne,
Britnell, Brown, Ratcliffe and many, many more.

Articles featured in my books include:

Waldheim Guest House, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, Boys’ Club, Belle/Matron of the Ball,
Dandenong Creek, circus, Cool Stores, coupon rationing, floods, Frost’s Paddock, fruit boxes,
Highmoor, pictures, progress hall, railway siding, schools, snow, Sunbeam Poultry Farm, wine saloon,
British Nylon Spinners, churches, Gloria Glove, Post Office, telephone exchange, wildflowers, trains and many many more.